Fine Art Photography by J R Woody







James Woody

Fine Art Photography by J R Woody

Houston, TX


Welcome to my website, where you will find a wide variety of interesting photos that reflect my growing passion in photography. My objective is to create a collection of attractive and unique photography pieces that can be proudly exhibited as fine art.

A native of Roanoke, Virginia, I have resided in the Houston, Texas area for over 35 years. I began pursuing photography as a hobby several years ago, following retirement from a successful career as an IT / project management professional at a major oil company. Since then, photography has become a growing passion. I have found this endeavor to be very relaxing, and it encourages me to explore new places, to continuously look for beauty in my surroundings, to look for unusual views of subjects, and to capture unique / once in a lifetime moments that can be shared later. My key focus is fine art photography, using a wide variety subjects, including landscapes, nature, wildlife, seascapes, antiques, architecture, still life, transportation, cityscapes, historical places, etc.

Continued growth and improvement of my photography skills is my on-going pursuit. I enjoy photography classes and workshops, and I also like reading books to increase my knowledge of various techniques. Currently, I am a member of a number of photography groups in the Houston area (for example, the Houston Photographic Society, the Houston Photographic Study Group, and the Houston Photowalks group). From my involvement in these and other groups, I'm able to continuously improve my technical, creative, and composition skills through regular participation in photo shoots, print competitions, critiques, and portfolio reviews.

Feel free to browse through my fine art portfolio, which contains images of landscapes, historical places, flowers, plants, wildlife, still life, cityscapes, waterways, transportation, and more. And, please come back often, as my offerings will be expanding regularly.

All images displayed on this website are copyright James R. Woody. All Rights Reserved. Copying, altering, displaying or redistribution of any of these images without my written permission is strictly prohibited.

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Colorful Spring Flowers by James Woody


Nature's Beauty by James Woody


Botany Bay Sunrise by James Woody


Old Door by James Woody


San Luis Gazebo by James Woody


A Peaceful Place On An Autumn Day by James Woody


Fall Color in the San Juan Mountains by James Woody


Sunset in the Rockies by James Woody


Summer Colors by James Woody


Sunrise At Tybee Island Pier by James Woody


Colorful Mountains Near Telluride by James Woody


Houston Evening Cityscape by James Woody


Old Mill On The Mountain by James Woody


Ready For A Glorious Summer by James Woody


Canyonlands Near Moab by James Woody


Canyon Landscape by James Woody


Rhythm by James Woody


Church Fence by James Woody


Summer Floral Colors by James Woody


Blooming Cactus by James Woody


Canyonlands National Park by James Woody


Utah Canyon Country by James Woody


Exquisite Beauty by James Woody


Nature's Delicate Balance by James Woody


Under The Arch by James Woody


Spring Colors by James Woody


An Intimate Bouquet by James Woody


Bayou Foot Bridge by James Woody


Gulf Coast Sunrise by James Woody


Textured Abstract by James Woody


Textured Floral by James Woody


Arched Walkway by James Woody


Morning Clouds by James Woody


Citrus Abstract by James Woody


Kiwi Art by James Woody


Sunrise at Brazos by James Woody


Sunset Lighting At Zion by James Woody


Mountain Vista at Zion by James Woody


Sunrise Colors by James Woody


Evening Vista at Zion by James Woody


Zion Canyon by James Woody


Glowing Tree at Zion by James Woody


A Scenic Hike by James Woody


Fall Evening at Zion by James Woody


Galveston Morning by James Woody


Pleasure Pier at Sunrise by James Woody


Twilight Abstract by James Woody


Latin Jazz Musician by James Woody